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Selecting your custom standup photo:


  • Take close up photo of subject from head to toe
  • Do not cut off the feet in the picture
  • Take it vertically, not horizontally, to maximize image
  • Light backgrounds are better
  • Take sharp, focused, and clear images
  • Important – You get what you give us! It all starts with the photo.
  • Digital cameras: Use at least a 4 mega pixel digital camera with resolution set to high or fine.

Sending your photo:

Uploading, Emailing, or Sending via CD:

If sending a .jpg file, size should be at least 500k or larger, and at least 150 dpi. (300 dpi preferred) We accept .jpg, .pdf, .eps (photoshop), .bmp, and .tif

Mailing printed photo:

Original, professionally developed glossy prints are best. Do not send scanned images. The bigger the photo the better.  8″x10″ is best to reproduce from.

life size custom standups

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